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Power of Process

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A fully immersive course that will give you the confidence to uplevel your business and eliminate the chaos. Power of Process is a step-by-step guide to streamlining your process, increasing profits, and creating raving fan clients. 


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Power of Process

Here's what you'll discover inside Power of Process

Pre-Course | Cast your vision & Clarify your strengths

Get started right away! As soon as you enroll, you’ll get access to your portal and two powerful pre-course lessons. This is the foundation for the course. I lead you through a visualization exercise to cast a vision for the future of your business. You will then uncover your strengths and develop your own unique value proposition.

Module 1 | Define your ideal client

You will learn how to craft your ideal client avatar. I share why it’s vital to think of this one person every step of the way as you build out your unique process. By the end of this module, you will understand exactly who your ideal client is, what they want, and how you can serve them.

Module 2 | The Process Planning Framework

Before you can develop your unique process you must first assess where your business is today. You’ll look at what isn’t working and brainstorm solutions in order to develop a framework for your new process. In this module, you will uncover which core service offering is the best fit for you and your ideal client.

Module 3 | The Art of Outlining your Internal Process

From chaos to coordinated. You’ll learn how to break down your new framework into actionable steps that will create a natural flow internally. I provide examples from my own process to help you create numbered steps, clear descriptions, internal checklists, and more. By the end of this module, you’ll have a detailed internal process that’ll keep you organized and allow you to grow your business.

Module 4 | Develop your Unique Client Journey

This is where you dive deep into understanding how to deliver the best experience to your clients. In this module, you’ll look at your newly developed process with a different lens. You’ll determine if it’s the right fit for your ideal client, right down to the nitty-gritty detail of payment schedules. In this module, I also share my own client journey checklist as a model to help you create your own.

Module | Promote your New Process

You’ll learn simple attraction strategies to get the word out about your new unique process. I share marketing techniques such as social media, website, and email marketing to promote your new process. You’ll get access to my Canva Template, to help you create your own process flow visual. By the end of this module, you will be ready to leverage your process to attract the clients you deserve.

You'll also get these sweet bonuses

Private Podcast - Today with Rebecca Hay

A limited edition private podcast series delivered throughout the duration of the course. You’ll have all POP lessons with you on the go, hear real-life stories from my own business, candid conversations with POP Alumni, and tips to keep you motivated and on track!

Tools of the Trade

Find out how you can use the latest tech to help keep you organized internally.  In this recorded training, I walk through key programs available to help you document and follow your process. I share the pros and cons of each program, the exact tools I use in my business, and how they can help you eliminate the chaos. 

Project Management with Asana Live Training

Keep your projects on track with this simple-to-use system in Asana. The system we have developed over the past 6 years using Asana in my own design business to manage projects from start to finish. I’ll cover how to use asana to manage new leads, track project progress, manage project deliverables, create templated projects with your process, and so much more.

Automating your Client Experience with Charlotte Isaac

This recorded training by Business Operations Consultant, Charlotte Isaac, will cover 4 tangible elements of a great client experience, the tool we use to deliver our internal processes, 3 processes that you can automate, and more.


You have given us our capes to be empowered and the compass that will show us how to get there. [Before POP] I already had a process… but was able to pivot… redefine and improve it. The best part was learning what others do and having a community to discuss it openly and honestly with no judgment. All of the bonuses, printouts, and seeing what Rebecca does and how she does it, was empowering. It gives others a foundation to start out, improve, motivate and redirect their business. Ideally, named Power Of Process. I am truly grateful to Rebecca for everything she has gifted me. Priceless!

Caroline Loon, Caroline Loon Designs, St. Catherine’s

Before Power of Process, I never knew exactly what my offerings were. I had all these package options and it was confusing to potential clients. It was also difficult to explain and reassure them that I’d handle all of the details.

After POP, my offerings are clear and limited. These ways are documented and the details are specific. I’m also crystal clear on which option is best suited for those clients and I can speak to that in my discovery call and at the consultation.

There isn't confusion or any custom approach. It takes all the guesswork out of it and ensures I'm charging properly for my time and services which has increased my profits.

Jocelyn Polce, August Oliver Interiors, Conneticut

POP was exactly what I was looking for to help me refine my business, and get myself organized so that I can offer the best experience to my clients. I would highly recommend taking the course if you’re a designer that needs support with determining things such as what service you’d like to offer, pricing structures, and how you’d like your projects to run so that you can level up your business and feel truly confident in what you do!

Victoria Harrison, Victoria Harrison Design, Kitchener

Thank you for helping me put an amazing process in place! I have been running my business on my own and struggled to implement a process for myself and my employees.


Lisa Kooistra, Lisa Kooistra Designs, Toronto

I gained so much clarity from Power of Process. It really helped me identify the big pain points in my business and implement different steps to address them. I have a clear understanding of how I want to run my business and the tools I need to do it. I finally have a plan and clear direction. I have created some great professional-looking documents that help articulate my process to my clients through different stages of a project.

Having this well-defined process just improves every area of my business. It has given me so much confidence in running my projects and managing my clients.

Catherine McAllister, Polished Interiors, Toronto

This was the best. I am so glad I stumbled upon your podcast last year, and it brought me to this point. Thank you Rebecca and your wonderful team!!! I now feel ready to get my business on its feet – with the proper tools. I no longer feel like I’m guessing every time I need to make a new quote and start a job. There is a process!

Natalie Allison, L'Abode Design, Ontario

I am so impressed by this course! Rebecca, you are so personable and easy to talk to and are teaching from experience, which makes all the difference. This course has gotten me excited to tackle so many aspects of my business. It has given me more confidence to choose my clients carefully and command more money for my time and expertise. I've begun implementing the tools you have given us and I am seeing results. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. You will have support in Rebecca and the other students to tackle the coursework and any real life situations you are dealing with in your business.

Ariella Arazi, Arazi Design Studio, Montreal

I have loved having you in my corner! Your coaching has been spot on. I just watched your POP Bonus yesterday on how to charge clients and it was literally a life changer. My husband is not only supportive of me doing POP, he’s super appreciative and excited too that we made the investment to have you on my team. Wow!! And what is more you have stayed highly personal and approachable and available thru the six-weeks. When one signs up for POP it’s not Rebecca Hay’s “program” that you get, it’s Rebecca Hay herself, heart and soul! As I’m making an investment, I literally feel you on the other side making a return investment into me! Keep it coming ... I’m listening, reading... invested! The impact is significant!

Libby Penner, Reflections Home Designs, California

I have learned so much information on how to run an interior design business; something my college degree never thought me. I have already implemented a few of the stuff I have learned so far and have seen major changes already with my client and business.

Mirian Ferguson, Fe + Luz Design Studio, Ontario

I always appreciate any aspect with real insider perspectives that are harder to find through online research. Rebecca you are so generous with what you share and it encourages the group to share openly too. The chance to chat with other designers in various types of businesses and stages of growth was a huge benefit to taking part in this program too.

Sarah Grant, Be.Neat Studio, British Columbia

This is a great program, I love the way Rebecca teaches, it's so down-to-earth and easy to follow. I don't feel at all intimidated, maybe a bit overwhelmed at times with all the information but Rebecca is great at saying that there is no such thing as being behind. The community aspect is fabulous, being able to share with others both in the group and in breakout rooms. I can't say enough about Rebecca and POP, the knowledge I have gained is enormous and a great confidence booster!

Jane Nares, Jane Nares Designs, British Columbia


When does the course begin?

Power of Process will begin its live delivery on March 31, 2023 with our Welcome Ceremony.

What does this course cover?

You will outline the steps of your process, like pro.

You’ll master the art of systems and step away from the chaos with a process you can repeat with every single project.

You will create internal checklists.

Get super organized! Your checklists will become your bible to keep you and your future employees on track.

You will expertly build a client journey that will now.

Because your clients are the lifeblood of your business, you’ll anticipate their needs and find ways to serve them in your own unique way.

You will leverage a mix of email and social media strategies to market your business.

You’ll walk away with the tools you need to spread the word about your new improved way of doing business.

Who is this course for?

This course is perfect if you have an interior design, decorating, or staging business and want to increase your profits, improve how you run your projects and uplevel the clients you serve.

Do I get immediate access to the course when I sign up?

I am a firm believer in community and the power of accountability so I love it when our students get to go through the program together. For that reason, we reveal one module per week. You can however kickstart your process journey with the pre-course work as soon as you sign up with our precourse work. It is sitting in the portal awaiting your arrival!

How many hours do I need to commit to the program every week to get results?

I’m going to answer that with my own question…How successful do you want to be? With POP, like anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out. Every week a new module is released inside your members portal. They vary in length and complexity. I recommend you block out 3-4 hours a week to do the coursework and participate in the community with your fellow members. Ultimately, the pace you go - just like your level of success - is completely up to you.

Is Power of Process good for students of design or designers starting out their journey?

POP is impactful no matter where you are on your design business journey. In fact, I’ve discovered that many “fresh outta design school” POP members have an easier time implementing what they learn because they don’t have any bad habits to break. Since you’ll have access to POP for the lifetime of the course, you’ll always be able to refer back to it as you and your business grow. Over a decade in the industry means I’ve learned a lot of lessons…many of them the hard way. I’d love to help you avoid them from the start.

What if I can't make it to the live portions of the course?

Don’t worry, we have your back! All live calls will be recorded. The replays are posted inside the members portal within 24 hours for you to watch - and rewatch - when you can. We also record our Facebook Live Q&As. They’re saved in our private Facebook group (and they’re the perfect place to connect with me via the comment section).